Lantau Life

School's out! Great! Except that there's a flu pandemic and John is stuck in Hong Kong with grouchy parents and an annoying little sister.

But then his Dad moves the family to a remote outlying island called Lantau. Much to his surprise, John enjoys the trips to the beach, bicycle rides and growing vegetables.

After tracking down a rare parrot, he experiences the excitement of cricket fighting and the fun of meeting new friends.

When Dad falls seriously ill, a mysterious old peasant woman shares a secret about a Chinese remedy that may help his Dad get better. John finds the ingredients in the mountains but will he be able to get them to the hospital in time?

Lantau Life Reviews

  • BEN
    About Lantau Life

    I want to live in Lantau too!

  • SU YIN
    About Lantau Life

    Exciting and funny.

    About Lantau Life

    I loved this book but Madam Meng was a bit scary.



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