Twinkle Toes, Cat Soup, and other Chapter Books

In 2013-2014, SingTao Publishing Group published serialised versions of "Twinkle Toes" and "Cat Soup" in the "Goodies" - a student newspaper with over 40,000 subscribers. Click here to read or listen to "Cat Soup" and click here for "Twinkle Toes" ...

In 2014-2015, SingTao re-published "Twinkle Toes" and "Cat Soup" in the Junior Standard. For the "Goodies", I wrote a chapter book called "Mooncake Magic" and rewrote "Lantau Life" in a 15-chapter version. You can read and listen to my new stories on this website.

In July and August 2015, over two hundred children from Tin Shui Wai will have an opportunity to improve their English from reading "Twinkle Toes" as part of a programme for disadvantaged children run by the charity "Just Volunteers".



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Lantau Life

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Bloodswell - available now

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