Hong Kong informs all my writing. It is a fascinating city of contrast and colour and I strive to represent the diverse children who live here.

My young adult novel Bloodswell was published in December 2012 by Commercial Press Hong Kong. You can find out more about the book here,or click here to watch a video of my interview with Merle Linda Wolin, an award-winning and Pulitzer-nominated American journalist.

Since then, Commercial Press has published "Pun Choi; A Hotchpotch of Chinese folk and fairy tales" (2016), "Hong Kong Movers and Shakers" (2017) and "Hong Kong History Girl" (2018).

Two of my other books, Houng's and Lantau Life, can be purchased on Amazon.

Please feel free to contact me! You can become a fan of the books on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Alternatively, you can contact me directly on the contact page of this website.



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Lantau Life

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Bloodswell - available now

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