Chapter 11


Sukee's ears flicked to and fro as if to catch our angry words. 'Twinkle Toes, don't blame yourself,' Dad shouted, as I bumped down the path to escape from him.

I hate my foot, I hate my foot, I muttered, to the rhythm of Sukee's hooves.

TT ch11 v03 slinOkay. Ma and Pau Pau wouldn't be coming to live in Lantau after all. Ma needs to keep working in Tin Shui Wai. Pau Pau says she's too tired to grow pineapples.

Maybe they'll come one day, Dad said.

Maybe we would still be living together if it wasn't for my stupid foot. At least it's out of plaster and I can start school in Mui Wo soon. Now I stay with Dad from Mondays to Fridays, and with Ma and Pau Pau at weekends.

I knew I shouldn't stay out too long but instead of turning right, I turned left and soon there was just Sukee and me, the birds and the trees. We climbed and climbed. Then, as we rounded a corner, Sukee suddenly whinnied.

Ponies? Wah! Three, four, five of them. Trotting around a field below. Tossing their manes and sniffing the grass. Two greys, two bays, one black. Sukee raced forwards.

A Chinese lady was waving from an old stone hut. 'Hi there!' she called.

Aunty Bei loved ponies too. Her husband was a vet. He was out tending a sick calf. They'd moved from the PRC to set up a farm here where children will come to pet animals.

'My dad's a builder,' I said.

When I told her Sukee was my own pony, she laughed and pinched my cheek.

'Will you stay for some veggie noodles?' she asked.

Yum. Yum. Her noodles were much tastier than Dad's cheese sandwiches!



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