Chapter 09


Yippee! I can go to school on Lantau after Chinese New Year! Ma and Pau Pau have agreed. They say they might come to live in Mui Wo again. Pau Pau says she misses the sea and growing pineapples. Ma misses Dad a bit, I think. How I hope everyone will be happy again!

TT ch09 v02 slinAt yesterday's hospital appointment, the x-ray showed that my bones are mending well. My foot is itchier than ever but I don't complain.

To celebrate, Dad let me ride all by myself to the bakery to pick up a chestnut cake. I can ride one-handed now. A friendly lady came out, took my money and passed me a box with a red ribbon wrapped round it.

A crowd had gathered to enjoy a lively lion dance for the opening of a new book shop. I kicked Sukee towards musicians banging gongs and drums. Three sets of legs danced underneath the lion's train. The man at the front controlled the lion's head. It was shaking, blinking its eyes, gobbling lycee packets of money.

As the lion circled the crowd, something caught my attention: the man at the tail had a limp.

Suddenly, heads were turning to the bleeping of police walkie-talkies and the clink of handcuffs and two grim-faced policemen pushed through the crowd. The lion froze and the musicians fell silent.

'Get out from under there. You're under arrest,' a policeman said, grabbing the lion's tail.

My tongue felt dry, and I almost kicked Sukee homewards. But then the lion's body split into two and the man at the tail, followed by the man in the middle, appeared from under the train.

I couldn't believe what happened next.

The police arrested a man, the one from under the lion's head.



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