Chapter 03


I woke up the day after Dad gave me Sukee thinking, wow! Maybe I am the only kid in Hong Kong who has a pony. And that made me feel sooo special.

TwinkleToes ch03 color v05 The sun shone egg yolk yellow. 'Yeah! To Silvermine Bay!' I sang, while filling Sukee's water bucket with a hose. I nearly fell off my crutches laughing at Dad trying to catch her in the field. Clicking his tongue, calling her name, he rattled the pony nuts while she grazed. I don't know why she likes pony nuts so much: they taste like mouldy grass to me.

Dad approached her slowly, hoping she'd put her head in the bucket so he could slip the halter around her neck. But as soon as he got within snatch distance, she turned tail and trotted away.

At last, Dad caught Sukee and I was on her back walking down to the beach, towards the smell of meat cooking on the barbecues. Sukee's ears pricked and she whinnied softly when she saw the sparkling sea. "What a beauty!" said Mrs Potts, Dad's neighbour. She has a white ponytail and rescues dumped pets.

'How about we take Sukee for a swim?' Dad said, stripping down to his swimming trunks. Sukee's knees buckled: she wanted to roll in the sand! Dad shouted at her. Ha ha! I could have got squashed.

Dad led us into the waves. Sukee didn't seem at all afraid, wading deeper and deeper, until her four legs were kicking. I held on for dear life!

Some people gathered on the shore. A Chinese boy tugged the hand of a man holding a covered birdcage, calling, 'Can I have a ride?'

'For ten dollars,' joked Dad.

'Tan Tan, your feet are getting wet,' said the man.



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