Chapter 18


A row of Chinese flags fluttered along Five Cent Bridge. A fisherman leaned over the railings and crossed his ankles to stop his trouser legs from flapping in the wind. This winter monsoon was a monster!

'Crazy weather!' called Mrs Potts, hurriedly moving her plant pots from her balcony. Her dogs were barking. Dragonflies were flying low. Cats were licking their fur.

TT ch18 v01 slin'Worse than being in England,' called Ronny from the vegetable patch, clumps of muddy carrots in his hand. 'We don't want Sukee's treats to blow away, do we?'

The wind came in gusts. Sukee would have to stay outdoors, Dad said, even though I knew she could fit through our front door.

'I'm staying with her then,' I shouted. If cars and boats were sometimes blown away in strong winds, a little pony like Sukee would have no chance.

Woo, woo. Wha, wha. BLAST! The powerful whooshes of wind eventually forced me indoors.

There was a smell of McDonald's takeaways and beer. Dad and Ronny were watching a dance competition on the TV. 'Come and see the Chigooni Cha Cha,' Dad called.

I made myself some spicy noodles instead. The sky was dark and the wind rattled the aluminium roof. Sukee was sheltering under the rubber tree.

Then the rain arrived. Dad showed me a satellite view of a mass of clouds. Maybe it would hail in some places, the weatherman said. Hail? I'd never heard of it. Only hell!

I couldn't get to sleep. The wind whistled round our house and raindrops splashed into the washing-up bowl beside my bed. Dad's roof leaked like a tap!

'It's official. The freakiest storm in history,' I heard Ronny call. 'Cheers!'

The phone rang. It was Ma.

'Thank you. We're fine,' Dad said.

Then I felt a bit better.



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