Chapter 16


'Promise you won't call me two-faced Twinkle at school,' I said to Tan Tan. Aunty Bei had lent him Toby, her black pony, and we were riding to the cave together.

'No way,' said Tan Tan.

TT ch16 v01 slinIt had rained overnight and the trees glistened like pearls. Every time we passed a bauhinia tree, the first one to shout 'Hong Kong!' was the winner. I showed him where I'd cantered and Tan Tan said maybe he would too. Next time, because Toby was being a bit frisky. Whenever we passed a cow, he'd snort and bolt and Tan Tan would have to pull on the reins and shout, 'Whoa!'

I patted Sukee's neck. She'd never play me up. Ever.

We hid behind some trees and watched the cave through a pair of binoculars. Sukee and Toby nibbled at the grass, ignoring the flies buzzing around their faces. Unlike me. Slap, slap!

'Let's go!' shouted Tan Tan, swinging Toby around.

Wah! A man. A tall man. Standing at the mouth of the cave, a pair of binoculars to his face. Looking - at us!

My heart pounding, I escaped as fast as I could.

'Do you think he'll come after us?' shouted Tan Tan. 'What if he owns a Land Cruiser?'

We promised not to tell ANYONE what we'd seen.

Whenever I felt the urge, I'd do what Sukee does when I try to clean her teeth: purse my lips and shake my head.

Purse, purse. Shake, shake.

'What kind of funny face is that?' asked Mrs Potts the next day, from the other end of the sofa where she was manipulating my right ankle. Ten times clockwise, ten times anti-clockwise. Stretch and squeeze and JERK!

Twinkle Toes Tango. That's what Dad calls my daily foot exercises.



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