Chapter 15


We were at my house drinking Ronny's carrot juice when Tan Tan discovered my English name was Twinkle. 'Let's watch some shooting stars on the beach tonight,' he said.

I showed him where my sixth toe had been, and all the ugly scars criss-crossing my foot. He blinked a bit. I guess he couldn't help it.

TT ch15 v01 slin'My friend's cat once gave birth to a kitten with two heads,' Dad said.

We all met up later that night. It was already dark. We hadn't brought Sukee because she doesn't like the smell of meat. Then we'd bumped into Mrs Potts who was very hungry after taking her seventeen rescue dogs for a run on Pui O beach.

'Two-headed Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are,' Tan Tan said. But he was smiling.

One star shone more brightly than the others.

'That's Venus,' said Dad, flapping newspaper to stoke the barbecue flames.

We pronged chicken wings with long metal forks, dipped them into a jar of honey and crackle crackle, chicken fat was sizzling and dripping down our chins. Dipped in chili sauce, the meat was lip-smacking good. Meanwhile, BC ran around the table panting and pleading with big soppy eyes.

'I saw one!' cried Mrs Potts, pointing to the sky.

All I could see was a big fat cloud. Tan Tan chuckled.

But yes. There! I saw one too. A burst of white light, zipping through the sky. Burning and fizzling like a firework.

'I've made my wish,' said Dad, lifting his can of Carlsberg to the sky then slurping it.

'At the Moon Festival we make man-sized lanterns that fly as high as aeroplanes,' boasted Tan Tan.

'Fire hazards,' said Mrs Potts disapprovingly.

I hoped the next Moon Festival would be on a week day.



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