Chapter 14


Why does food taste better outside? Tan Tan and I were eating yummy char siu at his Aunty's restaurant. Some mainland tourists were photographing Sukee but she kept turning her head to scratch her tummy.

'I want to see the cave,' said Tan Tan. I promised to take him, as well as to introduce him to Aunty Bei. Next week. When I'd be back on lovely Lantau.

TT ch14 v01 slinOn the bus going to Tin Shui Wai, I made up a story of Tan Tan and I finding a beach speckled with gleaming things. We used sea shells to dig them up. Booh! The treasures were only fish hooks. Someone was shouting and racing towards us from a cave. I grabbed my stick and started running. My foot hurt and the sand was heavy between my toes and I could feel the man getting closer ...

'???Yin Yin!' I opened my eyes to see Pau Pau knocking at the bus window.

'You could have ended up in Shenzhen,' she grumbled, glaring at my dirty trousers.

Ma was home! She had a fever so was off work sick. A pot of smelly Chinese medicine was bubbling on the stove and Pau Pau chopped the duck and greens. I sat on my bed and practised my Chinese characters: anything to make Ma feel better.

'That boss of yours treats you like a slave,' said Pau Pau, after dinner. Ma had tested me and I'd got ten out of ten so I was allowed to watch a Mulan cartoon.

'There's a new bakery in Mui Wo. How about Ma works there instead?' I said.

'And maybe you could turn into Mulan and save us from starvation,' said Pau Pau, sucking her teeth.



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