The Haunted Flat

Once, a man bought a flat at a very good price. The flat was second-hand but smelt new. Its wooden floor was beautifully polished. The kitchen was sparkling white.

The very first night the man got the keys, he slept there. In the bedroom there was a double bed, a cupboard and a sofa. The sofa was pink and looked very soft. When the man sat on it to remove his socks, the fabric turned the colour of flesh, and moved.

22. The Haunted FlatThe man jumped up. Maybe he was imagining things, because the sofa looked normal again. He unbuttoned his shirt and opened the cupboard to hang it. On one hanger was a collection of colourful silk ties. The man reached to stroke a spotty blue one, and it slithered into the shape of a slippery snake.

“Help!” cried the man.

The snake disappeared into a hole in the corner of the room. Without switching the lights off, the man ran out of the flat.

Next day he contacted a property agent. “Yes, the flat is available for rent immediately. Yes, everything is in excellent condition.”

Within a week, a tenant moved in. He was a worker who needed a good rest after a long day’s work. He lay on the sofa and fell asleep almost immediately.

When he awoke, he saw two toy-sized half-naked coolies carrying a sedan chair. The worker rubbed his tired eyes in disbelief as the men lowered the chair and delivered a tiny coffin. Its lid opened and a dainty lady dressed in white appeared. She held her sleeve to her mouth and sobbed.

The worker tried to stand up but a cloud of fog surrounded him. The fog was cold and clammy and thick.

No one ever saw him again.

This ghost story is an adaptation of the story The Haunted House from????by ???.

Illustrated by Bianca Lesaca



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