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01 Herbal Healing
02 The Laziest Man in the World
03 An Eggy Tale
04 A Hong Kong Tiger Tale
05 Through the Eyes
06 How the misers turned into monkeys
07 Why Chickens Have Combs
08 The Loyal Dog
09 The Flea and the Louse
10 The Boastful Tortoise
11 The Clever Judge
12 The Wild Goose
13 The Arrogant Azalea
14 The tiger and the toad
15 How the deer lost its tail
16 The man who couldn't catch ghosts
17 Growing wings
18 The journey of two worms
19 The old woman and the monkeys
20 The boy who played the flute
21 Human Bait
22 The Haunted Flat
23 Miss Chongcao
24 The Brown-Nosed Eel
25 The Fox Turns a Somersault
26 Making Humans
27 The king of all roosters
28 Why do goats go Bleh
29 The tiger behind the fox
30 The Grey Eagle

Herbal Healing

Once there was a sister and brother whose mama was very sick. The poor children couldn't sleep for worry, until a Chinese doctor told them about some medicinal herbs that may help her get better. "They grow on a mountainside near a smuggler's cave on Cheung Chau," he said.

An Eggy Tale

Once, there was a Chinese woman who had a great shock when she gave birth. Because she didn't deliver a baby. She delivered an egg.

"Please don't steam me," said Eggy. "I'll be a good son, I promise."

Through the Eyes

This may be the craziest story you will read today. It takes place on Lantau Island, where people have farmed for centuries.

Once, a couple grew fruit and vegetables for their two children. On a diet of bananas, pak choi, breadfruit and peppers, the children became healthy and strong.

Why Chickens have Combs

Do you know why chickens have combs? Let me tell you.

Once, a chicken was invited to a chicken party. She put on her favourite feathery dress and admired herself in some well water.

The Flea and the Louse

Fleas and lice used to live as one happy family, until one particular flea tried to trick a louse. The two of them lived together in a crowded flat with lots of humans and pets to feed off.

The Clever Judge

One cold winter's day, a farmer was carrying a bucket of rotten eggs, mouldy cabbage, and smelly fish bones to his pigs. He tripped up on an uneven pavement and the contents spilt all over the front of a tailor's shop.

The Arrogant Azalea

Once a year, the flower queen held a festival in her garden where the most beautiful flower was awarded a prize.

"May I go with you?" the evening primrose asked the azalea.

How the Deer Lost its Tail

Once, long ago on Lantau Island, an old couple lived near some woods. They were happy, gentle, contented people. Every morning the old woman loved to water the flowers in her garden. Every afternoon the old man loved to feed his goldfish.

Growing Wings

One sunny day, the rice was sprouting and the birds were singing and a farmer’s daughter sat minding the ducks. When an egret landed on the pond, the ducks rose to the sky, flapping and honking. How lovely to have wings, thought the girl.

The Old Woman and the Monkeys

An old woman lived in an old shack near Shing Mun. She grew a kind of banana called plaintains, which the local monkeys loved. While she napped, they would jump over her fence and eat them. Their hooting usually woke her up.

Human Bait

Have you heard of Tiger Mountain near Tai O? The mountain got its name in the olden days when tigers still roamed Hong Kong.

An old lady lived with her grandson in a nearby fishing village. One day, she woke up with a fever. "Climb up the mountain and pick some bajiao for me,” she said.

Miss Chongcao

If you ever travel to the high mountains of Sichuan or Tibet, you may meet Miss Chongcao the caterpillar. She used to stay on the plains. But there is a good reason why she now lives so high up.

Every spring she used to wriggle up from the earth and change into a jade-green silk dress. Then she would hide in the sprouting grass and enjoy the warm sunshine.

The King of All Roosters

Once, before the threat of bird flu, Hong Kong people could raise chickens, and there was a garden near Mui Wo where the Chan family kept some. Every morning, before school, Chan Junior rooted around the bushes looking for warm eggs. He had names for all the chickens and knew all the secret places where they laid. Chirp, for example, laid behind a honeysuckle bush. Pecker, in an old bucket. Fantail, in an old Tanka hat.

The Tiger Behind the Fox

It was dusk in the country park and all the wild animals were eating and drinking before nightfall. The barking deer were drinking water. The wild hogs were nosing for roots. The monkeys were jumping from branch to branch, snatching fruit.

The Laziest Man in the World

Once the laziest man in the world lived here in Hong Kong. He grew from a baby to a child to an adult, as we all do. The only difference was that he grew lazier and lazier the older he got.

A Hong Kong Tiger Tale

Once upon a time, wild tigers roamed our mountains. So when a local villager fell into a tigers' pit, he thought he would die.

Three cubs played in the deep muddy hole. The man squeezed into a corner and said his prayers. The sky above darkened and an evening wind rustled the trees.

How the misers turned into monkeys

Once there was an old man and woman who were very rich but very stingy. Like many rich Hong Kong people, they had a domestic helper, who they worked to the bone. The helper would have to go to the market three times a day, as well as cook, wash, iron and clean. She even had to massage the old woman's feet for two hours after dinner.

The Loyal Dog

Once, there was an old woman who lived on an outlying island. Like many boat people who were carried on their mother's backs as a child, she had very bandy legs. But still, every month, her landlord demanded she travel into the city to pay her rent in person.

The Wild Goose

There was once a fisherman who lived on the wetlands of Mai Po. While returning from fishing one day, he saw a plump goose with one wing spread awkwardly across the sand. It was injured.

The fisherman carried the goose home and nursed it back to health. On a beautiful summer morning, he released it back into the wild.

The Tiger and the Toad

Once, a long time ago, a tiger was snuffling for food along a river bank. Birds clucked cries of danger. But one animal – a toad – didn’t hear them because he was underwater. Poking his head out for air, he came face to face with the tiger.

The Man who Couldn't Catch a Ghost

Once there was a woman who lived in a New Territories village. Every night the most delicious smells would float from her kitchen window. Every weekend all her sons and daughters would visit her and she would roast a whole pig on a spit. Her neighbour, a poor man, became curious about how she had enough money to eat so well.

The Journey of Two Worms

Once, there were two young worms. The big brother was a do-er. The little brother was a thinker. One day, the big brother heard of an old worm who could turn them into dragons. “Let’s go to find her!” he said to his little brother.

The Boy Who Played the Flute

Once, there were three orphaned brothers. When the eldest brother became a man he married a mean wife. The middle brother married a kind one. And the youngest brother, still a boy, married no one at all.

The Haunted Flat

Once, a man bought a flat at a very good price. The flat was second-hand but smelt new. Its wooden floor was beautifully polished. The kitchen was sparkling white.

The very first night the man got the keys, he slept there. In the bedroom there was a double bed, a cupboard and a sofa. The sofa was pink and looked very soft. When the man sat on it to remove his socks, the fabric turned the colour of flesh, and moved.

The Brown-Nosed Eel

One winter’s day, the sun shone brightly and a brown-nosed eel wriggled out from under a rock to dance in the sea. So happy was she that she didn’t notice a snake. Open-mouthed, it swam towards her. Just before it clamped its jaws for dinner, the eel looked up.

Making Humans

Here in the civilized world, strange events can occur before our very own eyes.

Once, a man drew up in his van near a small guest house on Lantau Island. It was a scorching day and there was no wind. “I need a room for the night, dinner, and somewhere to tie my dogs,” he called, to the owner of the guest house, an old Hakka lady.

The Grey Eagle

Once, there were two brothers who lived together. The elder brother was a mean man who wanted the house all to himself. “Build one of your own,” he said, “and here’s a bag of our best seeds.”

Illustrated by Bianca Lesaca



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