Scary Chang'e

Crash! The tin of mooncakes landed, spilling the Traditionals across the bakery floor.

"Oh, drat, they're back!" said a Shanghai Pink.

She bounced to the winter wonderland to sulk with her friends.

mc-chapter-07Moony quickly rolled up to the nearest display shelf, followed by Red Bean, Nutty and Suzhou Ham.

"Watch where you're going," complained a Swiss roll as they spun past her.

"Have the moon fairies been?" Moony asked a Black Forest.

The chocolate cake shook its cherries.

"Maybe we're still in luck!" said Red Bean.

Strung along the street, rows and rows of red lanterns danced in the night breeze. Celebrations for the festival would start the next evening.

The sky was blanketed again. But as Moony looked, as if by magic, the fair-weather dragon appeared. With a whip of its tail and a flip of its wings, it swept the smog away and there was the bright white moon.

Moony's double duck egg heart nearly split in two at the sight of a wispy cloud. Was it the moon fairies' chariot?

"Be careful what you wish for," warned Pecan Pie. "Chang'e rules the moon like a tyrant and when she has a bad temper, she rages like a storm. She can shoot satellites out of the sky, blow aeroplanes off course, push people down waterfalls. Some say fair weather dragon is under her spell."

"And I thought fair weather dragon was my friend," said Moony, as it slipped into the blackness.

Pecan Pie grimaced. "It's said that to revenge the heavenly emperor, Chang'e once whipped up a tsunami, nearly drowned thousands, then blew the wave away to watch the people squirm."

"You must be joking," said Nutty.

"I hope the moon fairies don't pick me," said Suzhou Ham.

"I bet they're pretty," said Red Bean.

But Moony shivered. Chang'e sounded scary.



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