Chapter 16

‘I think Teacher Tam wants to remind us to remember the dead. That’s why he chose another war memorial,’ said Gramps. He was boiling Chinese medicine for his aching bones. Jasmine’s bedroom, the bathroom, the whole flat, stank of it.

HKHG 016 Final‘Let’s go!’ said Jasmine.

The magic of the ferris wheel flew them to Central like birds. How unusual! In the past they’d been transported to sites instantaneously.

Jasmine read from her app: The Cenotaph commemorates soldiers who fought on the allied side in World War1 (1914 to 1918) and World War 2 (1939-1945). Some served in the Royal Navy, some in the British Army, others in the Royal Air Force. These brave Hongkongers - Chinese, British, Indian and British - saved Hong Kong from tyranny.

The cenotaph looked lonely but stood tall in front of the old Legco building. Chains surrounded it so Jasmine couldn’t approach. ‘Do you think there are soldiers buried inside?’ she said. Her heart felt heavy.

Gramps didn’t reply, his head hung low in respect.

‘Excuse me,’ someone said. Jasmine turned towards a smartly-dressed man carrying a wreath of white roses.

Mmm, they smelt heavenly. She moved aside as the man unhooked the chain. A label flapped in the wind: to John Wong. Rest in peace. Hey, was that an envelope tucked in between the roses?

‘It’s for you, I believe,’ said the man, passing her the letter.

The next clue read: I sail on the sea. Add a C and my English name could be the name for a baby duck.

‘Duckling?’ said Gramps.

Jasmine burst out laughing. ‘I’ve understand! Duk Ling. It’s the name of that famous junk that sails around the harbour.’

Gramps shook his head.

‘Back to the ferris wheel!’ said Jasmine.

The next letter of the mystery message was F.



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