Chapter 11

Rainclouds filled a gloomy sky. ‘Good morning,’ said Mr. Crew Man. Jasmine waited patiently for the capsule as Gramps plastered mosquito repellent on her arms and legs.

HKHG 011 FinalRush, suck, slobbery lick and they found themselves at Central’s Zoological and Botanical Gardens, all trees and flowering bushes.

‘That flamingo, it’s standing on one leg,’ said Jasmine. The elegant pink bird snapped at a buzzing fly. An orangutan hooted above. Jasmine read out the long list of birds, reptiles and animals that lived there.

Gramps was leaning over a flower bed smelling the camellias. ‘Nai Nai’s favourite,’ he said. Jasmine hugged him and they played a game spotting magnolias, azaleas, bauhinias and bamboo. The frangipani flowers smelt heavenly!

Jasmine looked around for old relics. First she spotted George V1. He was King of England in 1942 and his statue was erected to celebrate Hong Kong being a British colony for one hundred years. A graceful arch caught her attention and she ran down the shady path. In memory of the Chinese who died loyal to the Allied cause in the Wars: she read.

‘Nai Nai often went hungry during the war,’ said Gramps. How old was she in the 1940s? Jasmine did some Maths (definitely her worst subject). She asked Gramps about his life in his Guangdong village but –ouch! – a mosquito bit her leg. Time to look for the next envelope.

Easy! One of the laughing lions guarding the arch had it under its foot. Jasmine unfolded the paper inside. The clue was: Only four of these are left in Hong Kong. They are so close you could walk there right now. ‘I know, let’s go!’ she cried, jumping on the spot.

‘Wait a second,’ said Gramps, hurriedly making a note of the mystery letter. It was D.



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