Chapter 8

Jasmine and Gramps travelled to Central by MTR. On the way she read about St John’s Cathedral: Built between 1847 and 1849. Shaped like a cross. One of the oldest cathedrals in Asia.

HKHG 008 finalThe cathedral resembled a white queen’s castle: tall tower and turrets, with pointed window frames and blinds like angels’ wings. An entrance mosaic showed a fierce-eyed eagle with claws which could scratch human skin to shreds. Jasmine shivered. A silver bowl to baptise babies glowed in the dim light. ‘Nai Nai used to worship here when she was a girl,’ said Gramps.

 They sat down on a pew. Fans above created a soothing wind. Gramps lowered his head. Jasmine closed her eyes, said a little prayer for Nai Nai too, waited patiently for Gramps to finish his. She admired the beautiful stained glass window above, with poor Jesus hanging from a cross. How painful his death must have been. Was it God or the shadows of swaying trees that made the image look as if it were moving?

A group of singers filed in, opened folders and sang sweetly under red fairy lights. An organist played. Happy bells chimed. Visitors had to leave. But where was the next clue? Gramps was still praying. Jasmine nudged him and he nudged her back. Ugh-oh, Jasmine would have to find it by herself. Now was it behind a statue, between the pages of a hymn book or in the pulpit? Oh dear, it could be anywhere. She walked back to the entrance.

Hold on! The eagle was now holding an envelope in its beak. Teacher Tam’s tour was becoming even more magical. Jasmine tore the envelope open and devoured the next clue: The place where Carrie Lam lives.

‘What’s the next letter?’ asked Gramps. It was U.



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