Chapter 6

Landing with a bump, Gramps and Jasmine found themselves in front of a banyan tree in Lam Tsuen. Hundreds of wishing slips fluttered in the breeze. Jasmine ran to a stall to buy one. Its red card was attached to piece of string and a plastic orange. She found her pen and wrote: I wish I could eat -

HKHG 006 final‘Which one is the wishing tree?’ asked Gramps, pointing to another banyan. Except it wasn’t real. One touch of the bark and Jasmine discovered it was made of plastic. She read from her app: The original wishing tree is the camphor tree. The second one caught fire, the third is plastic, and a fourth was donated in 2008.

Gramps was looking dreamy. ‘The last time I was here, Nai Nai and I wished your mama a healthy baby,’ he said. ‘I tied our wish to a real orange, threw it as high as I could, and guess what happened?’

Jasmine rolled her eyes. ‘It landed on your head?’

Gramps laughed and Jasmine glowed inside. Perhaps she should write a wish for him, not only one for herself. She wrote: Chicken wings, then on a new line added : I wish Gramps, Ma and Pa will always be healthy.

Gramps’s wish was that Nai Nai was happy in heaven and that Jasmine would study hard. He held Jasmine’s hand and together they took photos of the four trees and a building which looked more like a temple than toilets.

Where could the next envelope be? Smoke curled from incense sticks near a cluster of Buddha statues, wishing lanterns rocked in the wind, love locks tinkled. Jasmine spotted something white tucked between a stone elephant and a vase.

The clue was: It is fired every day at noon.

The next letter of the mystery message was Y.



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