Your chance to win a signed "Bloodswell" bookmark!

Here's a chance to win a really unique prize... a signed "Bloodswell" bookmark!

Simply answer these ten questions correctly and I will send you a signed Bloodswell bookmark:

  1. Which town does Anna live in?
  2. What is the name of her best friend?
  3. In which Chinese province did Anna see modern-day corpse carriers?
  4. Which dimension do ghosts live in?
  5. What psychic skill does Tiffany possess which enables her to win lotteries?
  6. What kind of session does Anna have in Sai Kung?
  7. What is the name of the Song dynasty emperor who is buried on Lantau Island?
  8. Does Anna lose her virginity?
  9. What is the name of the favourite drink of the vampires?
  10. How old is Anna at the end of the book?

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Thank you very much to Chris Thrall inviting me to be interviewed for "The Next Big Thing". Check out Chris's bestselling true story 'Eating Smoke: One Man's Descent into Drug Psychosis in Hong Kong's Triad Heartland' at

I guess I better start answering the questions:

Bloodswell... in Commercial Press book shops now

bloodswell1012D 2Sunlight floods my head and the thought leaps like a bird,
soaring, speeding, singing: together forever.

Anna Wang meets Steel Tang.

They are soulmates who share past lives.

This time round, she's a schoolgirl and he's a wealthy paranormal. Problems with family and friends divide them.

Then Anna's life takes a scary but thrilling turn. Steel awakens her sexuality but their love is thwarted by his bloodlust. It takes murder and a drugs bust for the lovers to discover their destiny, for now.

Bloodswell is a story of dangerous secrets, intense friendships and fatal attraction.

Bloodswell Reviews

  • Asian Review of Books
    About Bloodswell

    Any Hong Kong reader, and outsiders too, will delight in Houng's vivid, mesmerizing, and occasionally unpalatable portrait of her hometown.

  • Mandy Lee
    About Bloodswell

    The paranormal elements, and a murder mystery, are subtly layered into the narrative to provide historical and emotional context rather than blood and gore.

  • Louise Preston
    About Bloodswell

    Houng keenly observes Chinese culture, customs and folklore and the way in which they interact with modern Chinese life.

  • South China Morning Post
    About Bloodswell

    Houng as an impressive understanding of local customs, beliefs and youth culture.

    About Bloodswell

    A raunchy, fast-paced vampire saga infused with the sights, people and atmosphere of Hong Kong.

    About Bloodswell

    I literally could not stop reading it once I had started. I think that the idea for the story is brilliant. I would definitely recommend this book to other people.

    About Bloodswell

    I really enjoyed the novel. I will buy it instantly when it's published.

    About Bloodswell

    Jane Houng not only tells a tale of love, it is also a modern re-telling of a Chinese myth that is breathtakingly fabulous.

    About Bloodswell

    I really love the dark undercurrents in the novel, and the prose, which is brilliant.  It’s just so readable.

  • EMMA
    About Bloodswell

    It captured my attention from the beginning.



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